Inspection Program

How You Can Protect Your Home From Electrical Problems

Be proactive with our preventative maintenance program in Hamlet & Aberdeen, NC

Want to prevent electrical power outages and save money? You'll want to hire the team at KL Electric. We offer preventative maintenance for electrical systems in Hamlet & Aberdeen, NC. Our preventative maintenance program is a great way to protect your home and ensure your electrical system is running smoothly.

You can rely on our electricians to:

  • Inspect your electrical system
  • Let you know what we've found and if repairs are needed
  • Educate you on your system and any things you should be aware of
  • Complete work to prevent catastrophic events, like electrical fires

Your home inspection will be thoroughly completed so you can know the status of your electrical system. Reach out to us for further information.

How we maintain your home

You'll only pay an annual fee for your biannual home inspection. When we come by, you can request that our electricians:

  • Troubleshoot any wiring issues
  • Complete electrical panel maintenance
  • Upgrade your fixtures for more energy-efficient lighting
  • Install surge protectors
  • Complete emergency backup power system maintenance
  • Service your circuit breaker
  • Inspect and troubleshoot your electrical wiring

These are just some of the repairs, maintenance and upgrades we can complete. For more details about our preventative maintenance program, call 910-331-8765 now.

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